Showcasing some of our students’ world class projects. Our students are offered the space and freedom to explore and develop their creative abilities. Our Interior Design and Photography Departments host a yearly exhibition open to the public to showcase their work. Our Hairdressing Department has an Avant Garde fashion show with the first year Hairdressing students to encourage teamwork as well as thinking outside the box with styling and makeup.



My experience at Potchefstroom academy & SAAHST is an unforgettable experience. Home away from home, a great institution where you are not just a number. Every hairdresser lecture goes out of their way to take care of all the student’s needs. They push you to think outside the box and be the best version of yourself, from this experience I got to learn some leadership skills and they took the first step of getting us to do interviews for cruise ships on campus (how amazing is that?) and now I’m working towards to my own business, all thanks to wise words and guidance of lectures.
Anthea-Stephani Lockey, Hairdresser

“My time working at Hairtrends helped me to gain confidence to work in the industry.”

Melissa Gloy, Business Owner – Gloy Hair & Makeup by Melissa
We would most definitely agree that Potchefstroom Academy has a positive impact on our brand. We see the excitement within students as they are given the opportunity to learn about different skincare ranges available. They not only become part of the brand but part of the Nimue family. The education at Potch Academy is of exceptionally high standards and with the qualifications obtained from them, provide amazing opportunities in the various industries.” – Annelize Abrie-Foord – Nimue Skin Technology
Nimue Skin Techology

“16 Years of living my passion”
I have always loved the beauty industry. PA is where it all started for me.
Thank you for being a stepping stone in the right direction.
Today I am the owner of my own Beauty salon and employ therapists/technicians trained by Potchefstroom Academy. Looking forward to growing more.

Nadine Erasmus
“The lecturers from Potchefstroom Academy are extremely passionate about education and always want their students to be part of our amazing innovation. We love to be associated with organizations like Potchefstroom Academy that share our passion. They are always professional, enthusiastic, passionate about their work and set a great example to other academies.”
Michelle Drake, Schwarzkopf Professional

“Potchefstroom Academy offers quality education to equip and prepare their students for the outside world. The Academy embodies the ethos and vision of Environ. They are passionate about the brand and have grown exponentially over the years.”

Deanna Fredericks, Environ Skin Care
Today I am five years into my career as a Somatologist, I am a proud salon owner and every day I carry with me the exceptional skills I learned from Potch Academy throughout my 3-year course, every day I receive compliments on the great quality of my work, thanks to Potch academy shaping me into the Somatologist I am today, striving for perfection in everything I do!
I’ve always been extremely satisfied with my decision to attend Potch Academy and I believe that nowhere else will a student receive the quality education that this academy provides!
Tanya de Vries, Somatologist and salon owner

“Potch Academy has the best training facilities in the country and offers a wide range of courses for any individual who wants to specialise in a specific field. The atmosphere is friendly and I experience the lecturers to be more like colleagues than simply teachers. A student can truly experience a campus environment with their peers. The students of Potchefstroom Academy are the future of our beauty industry.”

Hannon Bothma, HANNON

“Potchefstroom Academy is one of the best academies we have seen so far, will recommend students there anytime! We love to work with them because of all the friendly faces we get to know at Potchefstroom Academy. The classes are of the best standard and quality you can get. Potchefstroom Academy is very pro Fujifilm and we support them all the way.”

Corlia Ziehl, Fujifilm

I graduated from Potchefstroom Academy in 2017 receiving my higher certificate in photography.  Potchefstroom Academy was the perfect platform for me to learn and provided me with the right foundation to grow my photography career.  It’s a place where I believe you can come to truly grow, learn and express your creativity.
Today as a full-time professional photographer, I manage a business that creates content for exclusive Lodges and businesses here in Namibia, my work has been featured in many online magazines, during 2018 I was nominated as a Top Vendor Wedding Award Finalist, and during 2019 one of my photos made it to the cover of The Namibian Wedding Magazine. Potchefstroom Academy definitely helped me achieve these milestones and I am so grateful to have studied at such an innovative and creative institution! I would recommend Potchefstroom Academy to everyone!

June van der Walt, Owner Urban Lens Photography
“Potchefstroom Academy doesn’t just feel like a community, it felt like a family away from home. Quality staff and quality education form part of an unforgettable experience. Since graduating in 2017, I went on starting my own business in Interior Design and Furniture design with work stretching throughout South Africa, as well as a feature in SA Home Owners in 2018 March addition.
Elizabeth Raymond, Interior Design and Furniture Design business owner

“My utmost gratitude will always go to Potchefstroom Academy for the foundation of knowledge I gained over the years during my tertiary days. Through the academy, I acquired qualifications in Somatology as well as an international CIDESCO accreditated certificate, which helped broaden my opportunities across the world. Today I am employed by Steiner as one of their Biotec Specialists on Disney cruise line.”

Reabetswe Mongae, Somatologist & Entrepreneur
“We love working with Potchefstroom Academy because they play an active role in sharing knowledge, growing minds and changing lives. Because students get to use our brand during their training, we know they get to experience the quality and versatility of our products and our brand. This helps to turn them into brand ambassadors in the workplace because they have already enjoyed the many benefits of working with Graftobian’s amazing products, colours and range.”
Marlene Degenaar, Graftobian

Potch Academy is the Place to be!
I’ve learned so much from my lectures in theory as well as practical. They put so much evert in with every student.
It’s been 7 years now and I’m still using everything they have taught me. I had the privilege to be the Best Student of The Year 2014 in my first year. I have grown so much in the few years. I have my own Salon that’s 5 Years old and still going strong every day.  Hair Beyond Beauty Salon in Bethlehem.
Thank you Potch Academy!!!

Eugenie Botha, Hairdresser and salon owner

“Because of Potchefstroom Academy & SAAHST, I was able to reach my dreams. It wasn’t jus a place to study, but they became my FAMILY!”

Anida van Zyl, Qualified Hairdresser – Salon Styles in Kimberley

“My course was of high quality and equipped me well with everything I needed to generate an income for myself over the last 17 years. Being a student at Potch Academy was one of the best times of my life. I would recommend it to any young person. Our lecturers went out of their way to accommodate us also during illness and exams. I will always be grateful for that.”

Jean-Marie Uys, Salon Owner of Purified Beauty

I graduated from Potchefstroom Academy in 2006, with a 3-year diploma in Somatology and also did my International diploma (Cidesco). I would describe my 3 years at Potchefstroom Academy, as the ‘golden years of my youth’. I enjoyed being a student, making great friends! Academically, learning from the best! I also served on the student council in 2006, which taught me great leadership skills. After I graduated I got a job immediately, as the beauty business grows every year!

In 2008 I started my own successful business! In the past years, I have always welcomed somatologist from Potch Academy into my salon, as I believe they are well trained. A few of them own their own businesses now, which I am very proud of. If you are passionate about the beauty industry, you can make a success at this establishment.

Leotine Tiedt, Somatologist and business owner

I’ve had such an amazing experience at Potch Academy. Everyone treats you with respect, love and acceptance which makes you feel right at home. It becomes your home away from home. I’m grateful for the various skills I’ve attained because it has turned me into a hardworking businesswoman. I am running my very own beauty business, Majestic Aesthetics, and currently working on my own skincare line.”

Maxine de Jager, Somatologist & Entrepreneur

“I started studying at Potchefstroom Academy in 2016 – 2018 and attained Cum Laude in the Somatology Diploma. I acquired leadership- and management skills in my time at Potchefstroom Academy, as I was the secretary and treasurer of the House Committee and the Wellness Center. After my studies, I worked abroad with Steiner at the Carnival Cruise Line as the Elemis Biotech Specialist. I have now opened my own Spa (KwaNzunza Luxurious SPA)_ in my hometown Harrismith.”

Tshepang Mahlamgu, Somatologist and owner of KwaNzunza Luxurious Spa in Harrismith

Skoonheid is nog altyd my droom en passie.
Potchefstroom Akademie het my gehelp om my droom waar te maak.
Met hul uitmuntunde opleiding het hulle my ook geleer om my passie in die mees professionele manier moontlik uit te leef.
Vandag is ek die trotse eienaar van Louvelle Beauty in Potchefstroom

Potchefstroom Akademie is tops!

Marnel Viljoen, Somatologist and owner of Louvelle Beauty

“It felt like a family at Potch Academy ”
I studied at Potch Academy for two years, where I got my higher certificate in photography in 2019. I started my own photography business in 2020 as KPI Photography SA and thanks to the academy I’ve got the tools to launch my career and succeed.

Keith Venter, Photographer and owner of KPI Photography

“Being an Interior Designer enables me to enjoy the many facts of the industry that I am involved with. I completed my Higher Diploma in Interior Design at Potchefstroom Academy in 2019. Today I am employed by a magazine in Namibia called ‘Refresh and Restyle’. My day to today tasks include consults, advice, and proposing renovation initiatives to prospective clients’ and readers’ interior spaces.”

Aléza Basson, Interior Designer

“Ek sal enige tyd die Akademie aanbeveel, daar word gefokus op die basis, fondasie en oorsprong van haarkappery. Ek kon met selfvertoue my loopbaan begin.”

Ané de Beer, Qualified Hairdresser – Stijl Hair Lounge




  • A reputation of excellence.
  • Our courses are nationally accredited and internationally recognised.
  • Smaller classes with more individual attention.
  • Established institution in existence for more than 40 years.
  • Potchefstroom offers a vibrant student life.
  • Student accommodation.
  • Opportunity to work on international cruise liners: Somatology / Hairdressing / Photography.
  • We offer entrepreneurial and occupationally aimed qualifications.
  • Qualified, dedicated and experienced staff.
  • Within walking distance of recreational facilities.
  • Beautiful campus.


Potchefstroom Academy is a Higher Education and Training (HET) provider that was established in 1981. The Academy is situated in the heart of Potchefstroom, Northwest. In 2003, Tina Schöltz acquired the South African Academy for Hair and Skincare Technology (SAAHST), a Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) provider. This allowed students from both institutions to benefit from shared facilities, resources, and expertise. Potchefstroom Academy and SAAHST offer an array of Full time, part time and short courses.

The development of viable careers – the training of entrepreneurs, designers, therapists, and media professionals in service of the country and its people.

To broaden knowledge by continuous research and to stay in touch with the most recent teaching methods and career-orientated developments.

To respect the uniqueness of everyone enabling each person to realize the industry related possibilities and opportunities.

To always strive towards the highest standards in training, ethics, integrity and helpfulness and to assist our students in making their chosen profession a pleasure as well as a success.

To motivate our staff to always make a positive contribution to the advancement of the world of health, lifestyle, media and business, nationally as well as internationally.

To motivate both students and staff to strive towards excellence in the fulfilment of their dreams.

The pro-active development of viable careers in order to develop, deliver and maintain national and international standards.

To implement the latest teaching methods through continuous research and pro-active programme development.

To respect diversity in terms of race, language, age, sexual orientation, cultural and religious preferences in order to improve performance and ethos.

To strive for the highest standards in training, ethics, integrity and helpfulness and assist our students in this way in order to make their chosen profession a pleasure as well as a success.

To motivate employees of SAAHST in order to make a positive contribution to the advancement of the world of health, lifestyle and business, nationally and internationally.

To motivate both students and employees to strive for excellence in the fulfilment of their dreams.

Professionalism, expertise, dedication, and excellence

Commitment to sustainable development

Commitment to keeping at the leading edge of education in entrepreneurial, business, health related and creative fields

Quality and accountability are of the highest priorities

Respect, honesty and integrity

Passionate attention to detail

The Academy eats, sleeps and breathes the world of education

Committed to having fun