Showcasing some of our students’ world class projects. Our students are offered the space and freedom to explore and develop their creative abilities. Our Interior Design and Photography Departments host a yearly exhibition open to the public to showcase their work. Our Hairdressing Department has an Avant Garde fashion show with the first year Hairdressing students to encourage teamwork as well as thinking outside the box with styling and makeup.

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Potchefstroom Academy and SAAHST students boast with an array of national and international awards and achievements. We encourage our students to pursue their talents and aim higher. The Academy has yearly assisted students to compete nationally and internationally.

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our-student awards




“At Potchefstroom Academy, one does not only make friends, but they also become like family to you. We have extraordinary teachers who we can look up to and through whom we have acquired a great number of skills. The education is sensational and the academy makes one feel safe and at home.”

Jolene Smit, Photography

“To this day I am grateful that I studied at Potchefstroom Academy as I see how their level of education far surpasses most institutes in the industry on a daily basis. Potchefstroom Academy not only gave me the theoretical and practical knowledge to be successful in the beauty industry but also taught me the value of lateral thinking and superior customer service.”

Diana van Sittert, Somatology

” I am very thankful for the knowledge that I have gained at Potchefstroom Academy as I can walk into a business because I was taught the highest standards.”

Danny Johnstone, Interior Design & Decorating

“If people do not push themselves, they never know what they might achieve. Not only does Potchefstroom Academy stress the quality of work required for a successful career but they also encourage students to push themselves and exceed expectations.”

Robyn Grewar, Photography

“The education I received at Potchefstroom Academy was not only current, giving me a competitive advantage in the field of therapeutic massage therapy. It was also delivered by lecturers who are passionate and well versed in their fields. They really care about what they do and take incredible pride and work into giving the students the best experience.”Your Content Goes Here

Precious Ngomane, Therapeutic Massage

“I studied at Potchefstroom Academy and finished a 3 year Higher Diploma in Interior Design and Decorating. The time I spent at the Academy was amazing and the personnel at the Potchefstroom Academy were excellent and provided me with knowledge and expertise for my future.  I now work as Interior Design Consultant at St Leger & Viney.”

Theo Rolihlahla Mkololo, Interior Design & Decorating

Our campus is conveniently situated and within walking distance from all the Academy’s residence facilities, nearby shopping malls, sport and recreation facilities and restaurants. Safe parking is available at the residences and next to the campus. The idyllic campus provides spaces for collaborative interaction, formal classes, research, and a stylish in-house cafeteria for down time.




  • A reputation of excellence.
  • Our courses are nationally accredited and internationally recognised.
  • Smaller classes with more individual attention.
  • Established institution in existence for more than 35 years.
  • Potchefstroom offers a vibrant student life (30 000+ students).
  • Student accommodation.
  • Opportunity to work on international cruise liners: Somatology / Hairdressing / Photography.
  • We offer entrepreneurial and occupationally aimed qualifications.
  • Qualified, dedicated and experienced staff.
  • Within walking distance of recreational facilities.
  • Beautiful campus.


Potchefstroom Academy is a Higher Education and Training (HET) provider that was established in 1981. The Academy is situated in the heart of Potchefstroom, Northwest. In 2003, Tina Schöltz acquired the South African Academy for Hair and Skincare Technology (SAAHST), a Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) provider. This allowed students from both institutions to benefit from shared facilities, resources, and expertise. Potchefstroom Academy and SAAHST offer an array of Full time, part time and short courses.

The development of viable careers – the training of entrepreneurs, designers, therapists, and media professionals in service of the country and its people.

To broaden knowledge by continuous research and to stay in touch with the most recent teaching methods and career-orientated developments.
To respect the uniqueness of everyone enabling each person to realize the industry related possibilities and opportunities.
To always strive towards the highest standards in training, ethics, integrity and helpfulness and to assist our students in making their chosen profession a pleasure as well as a success.
To motivate our staff to always make a positive contribution to the advancement of the world of health, lifestyle, media and business, nationally as well as internationally.
To motivate both students and staff to strive towards excellence in the fulfilment of their dreams.

The pro-active development of viable careers in order to develop, deliver and maintain national and international standards.

To implement the latest teaching methods through continuous research and pro-active programme development.
To respect diversity in terms of race, language, age, sexual orientation, cultural and religious preferences in order to improve performance and ethos.
To strive for the highest standards in training, ethics, integrity and helpfulness and assist our students in this way in order to make their chosen profession a pleasure as well as a success.
To motivate employees of SAAHST in order to make a positive contribution to the advancement of the world of health, lifestyle and business, nationally and internationally.
To motivate both students and employees to strive for excellence in the fulfilment of their dreams.

  • Professionalism, expertise, dedication, and excellence
  • Commitment to sustainable development
  • Commitment to keeping at the leading edge of education in entrepreneurial, business, health related and creative fields
  • Quality and accountability are of the highest priorities
  • Respect, honesty and integrity
  • Passionate attention to detail
  • The Academy eats, sleeps and breathes the world of education
  • Committed to having fun