Potchefstroom Academy and SAAHST

Tina Schöltz, founder of Potchefstroom Academy, is nationally and internationally known for her expertise in the field of skincare, health therapy and various professions.

After obtaining a BA degree in 1970 and a teaching diploma in 1971, Tina began her teaching career. It was not long before she realized that there was a need for training in beauty and health therapies. After obtaining numerous national and international qualifications as well as an international training diploma in beauty therapy, she established Potchefstroom Academy and enrolled her first students in 1981.

As a master in entrepreneurship, which is proven by various awards, she is constantly investigating new ideas and leading new projects, resulting in the tremendous progression and expansion of the Academy. Therefore, the Academy is now offering courses in Photography and Interior design and decorating as well.

In 2003, she became the new director of the South African Academy for Hair and Skincare Technology (SAAHST). Students from SAAHST and Potchefstroom Academy benefit from an associative agreement between these two institutions, by having access to the shared facilities and expertise.

Tina’s enthusiasm and driving force is inspiring and continually uplifts her staff and students to new heights.