Short Courses That You Can Complete at SAAHST

With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, SAAHST is an ideal choice to upskill or reskill yourself through a short course. The short courses that are available ensure there is a wide enough variety of popular fields and in-demand skills to suit everyone.

The Short Courses Available at SAAHST

Most students are drawn to short courses as they have a passion for the subject matter in question, are looking for additional skills in their current workplace or they want to apply a skill as soon as they have completed the course. As such, we offer the following short courses:

  • Cosmetic

  • Makeup

  • Nails

  • Massage

  • Photography

  • Computer training

*These workshops are not listed on our training calendar and are offered on a request basis throughout the year. Contact us for more information.

  • Aesthetics
    • Permanent Makeup
    • Microneedling
    • Plasma Pen
  • Hair
  • Image Consulting
  • Decorating and Design
  • Public Speaking
  • Project Management

Benefits of Short Courses

When it comes to workshops and short courses, the amount of time available to attend them is far less than the time taken for full-time studies. This makes them an attractive option for those who don’t want to spend years studying and can be done while working full-time.

Our short courses will provide you with the ability to acquire more knowledge and further expand your skill set.

Along with theoretical learning, most of the courses require hands-on experience, such as the photography, massage, and aesthetics courses, to name a few. The short courses on offer allow our students to have the skills sets which can assist them in working in their chosen field as well as provide the skills they need in their own businesses.

Where Do Our Short Courses Take Place?

All short courses are presented on-site on the SAAHST campus, in the student-friendly town of Potchefstroom. While some of the courses available can be presented via distance learning, our short courses are mostly contact learning that includes hands-on workshops in areas such as photography, hairdressing, and massage.

As such, we require students to attend practical demonstrations, workshops, and to practice their work.

What Our Short Courses Entail:

We know that time is of the essence, that is why the following short courses are tailored to students who want the hands-on experience to enhance their skills. Within each short course, there are various options. Below is a brief overview of the courses and workshops available.

  • Aesthetic short courses: This covers topics including the application of permanent makeup, micro-needling, and the Plasma Pen which is a new way in which to achieve skin improvement via an electric arc electro-fulguration which can also remove skin lesions via electro cauterisation.
  • Computer Training: The short courses available include Office 2016 for beginners, as well basic computer training that covers how to use a keyboard and mouse, along with exploring operating system basics.
  • Makeup and Cosmetic: The short courses on offer include makeup artistry which covers bridal and event makeup, fantasy makeup, contouring, as well as day and night makeup. The eyebrow and eyelash artistry course includes subsections on eyelash extensions, Henna, tinting, sugaring, and shaping.
  • Design and Decorating: Our design short courses are tailored to help students learn the elements of good design. Courses include critical design thinking, space planning and ergonomics, and decorating within residential spaces.
  • Hairdressing short courses: Students who completed their hairdressing qualification can also apply to do a pre-trade test training course in preparation for the completion of the trade test which is needed for the trade certificate to be issued.
  • Image Consulting: This short course includes sub-sections of colour analysis and style, body type and personal style, wardrobe planning, as well as style and shopping.
  • Massage short courses: Includes baby massage, bamboo massage, African Rungu massage, Calabash massage, Scalp massage, hot stone massage and ear candling.
  • Nail short courses: Training includes nail technology, Bio Sculpture gel, bi-olygel, and evo training, as well as nail art training.
  • Photography short courses: Our photography short courses and workshops include outdoor flash photography, an introduction to studio portraiture, a get to know your camera short course and an introduction to Photoshop and an intermediary Photoshop course. We also offer an introduction to Lightroom – as well as an introduction to Lightroom for desktop or mobile.
  • Project Management: The Project Management short course and workshop mostly covers project management fundamentals. Within it, students will learn about key project definitions, methodology and how to assess the life cycle of a project. Other notable areas covered include project management jargon, constraints to projects, and how to use work breakdown structures to better the project at hand.
  • Public Speaking: This short course is a great way to help assist those who need to give presentations in front of others. This short course covers the basic tools and techniques to become a better orator and includes sections on body language, gestures, and mannerisms. The public speaking workshop will cover additional techniques to help those terrified of speaking in public to gain confidence and engage their audience in the right way.

How long do our Short Courses take?

While short courses by their nature take far less time to complete than full-time studies, they will take a fair amount of effort on the part of the student to complete them.

The amount of time each short course take varies, based on the chosen field and the content covered. Most short courses include a theoretical and practical assessment, which will be completed in accordance with a set timetable. Once all conditions and requirements have been attained, proof of completion will be given.