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Role of the Somatologist in the cosmetic industry.


Role of the Somatologist in the cosmetic industry The South African cosmetic and personal care market is expected to reach USD 6.16 billion during 2020-2025. Any woman standing in front of those elegantly wrapped, tempting offers, deeply feels her monetary contribution to this ever-growing market. Yet, she would willingly part with her last cent, if the promise of beautiful skin becomes reality. She would stand there, scrutinizing labels, deciphering chemical ingredients. Weighing up the clever slogans, the well-known brand, the pretty packaging. But if the label clearly stated that 43% of the chosen night cream in her hand, was made [...]

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The art of beauty therapy


The art of beauty therapy The image of beauty therapists brings back memories of young girls, who were not intelligent, chatting about their love lives, while painting your nails or waxing your legs. The first thing our students say, when starting our course: “It’s not just about make-up and nails”. As a lecturer, I am proud to be part of an industry that is currently one of the “faster than average” growing survive sectors in the world. After finishing my studies 20 years ago at the Pretoria University of Technology, I have been employed in different sectors within the beauty [...]

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Interior Décor Today


Interior Décor Today The role of Aesthetics affects our lives for as long as we care to remember. From the floral covered couch in your grandmother’s house and the warm fuzzy feeling that its brings to your memories…The antique coffee table you bought at a market and the fresh coffee you serve on it every morning - These feelings of nostalgia become awakened by the objects and things we surround ourself with, keeping us grounded in feelings of safety and love. In this past year we have all become more aware of our aesthetic and the environments we live in [...]

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Design communication in the building industry


Design communication in the building industry   Hello there, my name is Warren Walkinshaw. I am the lecturer of the Design Communication, Advanced Design Communication, Applied Design Communication, Introduction to Material Studies and Advanced Material Studies. The Design Communication modules comprises of two subjects: AutoCAD and REVIT and is carried through all 3 years of studies in the Interior Design and Decorating syllabus. Both programs are forms of Computer Aided Design or CAD and are licensed by Autodesk which is their holding company. AutoCAD was released 1982 and REVIT in the year 2000, both having set the bar for [...]

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