Hair Extensions

Todays Hairstyles is about looking good with little time to spare.

The myth that hair extensions looks “fake and plastic”, and the rumor that it can only used for dramatic hair shows must be put to rest. As it can be a great tool for you to look exceptional with less effort.

There is a wide range of hair extensions available on the market like the human hair extensions that is made from human hair or the Synthetic fibers or man-made extensions.

The various methods of attaching them is analyzed based on the client’s hair type, style, and individual needs.

Fusing; Clip/Snap in extensions; Micro rings; Tape in & Weaves is only to list a few.

Here are three reasons why you should consider hair extensions:

  • If you want an instantly style change
  • To add colour flashes without tinting your own hair.
  • It will add volume and length where you desire it.