Interior Décor Today

The role of Aesthetics affects our lives for as long as we care to remember. From the floral covered couch in your grandmother’s house and the warm fuzzy feeling that its brings to your memories…The antique coffee table you bought at a market and the fresh coffee you serve on it every morning – These feelings of nostalgia become awakened by the objects and things we surround ourself with, keeping us grounded in feelings of safety and love.

In this past year we have all become more aware of our aesthetic and the environments we live in as they have had an increasingly significant role in our lives as we have become accustomed to spending more time at home. Hypersensitivity has led to us being more aware of what is “wrong”, what works and what does not work in our personal living and workspaces. Add that we have had more time and exposure to online media and televised programs which are abundant with ideas and creative approaches to creating a general sense of wellbeing.

Décor is still a very personal decision… but it need not be an expensive overhaul – working with the basics, you can create an inviting and cozy nest for yourself without needing to purchase expensive ticket items or break your budget.

Creating a successful interior is a fine balance between functionally practical and aesthetics. Everything communicates – from the smallest details to the to the final touches. Take notice of all the elements and how they work together – like a potted plant on that favorite coffee table in your living room, an ultra-modern standing lamp net to a vintage wingback chair or added splashes of a bright colour that create interest, focus attention and become a conversation points.

Working with and introducing the principals and elements of design through careful curation will create harmony and balance within a space. The colour pallet selection will create a feeling and mood, be it relaxed serenity or vibrantly uplifting.

Selecting finishes that work together, catering to your functional needs all whilst considering the durability and maintenance of a space are all factors that influence how we feel over a solution. Each element has its own ambiance – natural tones and textures create a sense of calmness and promotes the feeling of being one with nature for example. Specifying the perfect balance of lighting that caters the correct amount required within a space will not only create comfortable workspaces but in its application will also a space versatility in its’ overall use.

With all that said and done, as a trained Interior Designer you will be equipped with more than the basic tools.