The human foot has been described as the ‘greatest engineering device’ in the world and should therefore be treated with respect.

Fascinating things:

  • The average person takes approximately 18,000 steps per day
  • Feet walk 70,000 miles –almost four times round the globe – in a lifetime.
  • The human foot contains nearly a quarter of all the bones in the body and absorbs between three and five times body weight each time it hits the ground.
  • In a recent survey,60 % of women didn’t look at their feet in a week.
  • 21% of women think their feet are attractive.
  • Only one in ten women think of her feet in terms of a beauty regime.

Feet are a complex structure of muscles and bones that need care and attention. Spending too much time in shoes that are ill-fitting, can cause a number of problems including corns, hard skin and ingrowing toenails. Regular pedicure treatments and homecare is essential to avoid such problems.

Aside from the aesthetic point of view of proper care for the feet, more refined treatments of this area are in greater demand.

  • Long hours at the office
  • Excruciatingly long waiting lines
  • Time consuming errands
  • Fast paced meetings
  • Hurried appointments
  • Short and long term traveling
  • Powerful workouts
  • Day-to-day rush
  • 85% of population suffers from foot ache.

Restore, Relax and Replenish your feet with:

Pedicures, Reflexology and massage treatments.

There’s a huge amount of potential business walking around out there, yet it appears that the critical factor in whether or not it’s turned into profits for your salon is simply enthusiasm!

Footcare is an investment in personal health and well-being.