Higher Certificate in Interior Design and Decorating (NQF Level 5) – 2 years part-time correspondence course.


This qualification prepares you for Residential Interior Decorating by taking you on an encompassing journey from the history of interior design, through to the steps of designing and decorating inspiring spaces.

You will be qualified to advise clients on colour, textiles, fixtures, finishes and furniture in a residential environment. If you are interested in the field of DECOR and DESIGN as a career opportunity, this qualification will open up a world of possibilities.

The Higher Certificate in Interior Design and Decorating is a two-year part-time correspondence course consisting of a series of twenty modules.

Continuous assessment of student progress ensures that on completion of their studies they may be expected to be fully competent to play a productive and profitable role in the industry.

The programme was designed in such a manner that student assistance from lecturers on campus is readily available via e-mail, ordinary mail, or telephonically. It is imperative that the learner has access to a computer, internet, and postal/courier facilities off campus.

Modules Include

History of Interior Design, Style, Principles and Elements of Design, Colour use (colour psychology), Space Planning, Importance of Lighting, Paint techniques, Walls and Floors, Textiles, Window Treatments, Soft Furnishings, Accessories and Styling, Building a home and more.