Diploma in Interior Design (NQF level 6) – 3 years full time.


As an interior designer, you require the innate ability to be creative, enjoy solving problems and to visualize spaces three-dimensionally, whilst addressing the client’s needs. Interior designers are independent and innovative thinkers, who create inspiring functional and socially responsible built environments. The scope of this interior design qualification includes private, residential, and corporate spaces, as well as the upliftment of public areas.

Career Opportunities

Interior designers, Interior design as part of an architectural practice, Interior decorating.

You can also choose to work in a specific design niche:

Furniture design, residential interior design, retail design, corporate design and office layout, hotel, hospitality and restaurant design, kitchen layout and design, exhibition design, stage and event design.

Other possibilities:

Soft furnishing and upholstery, showroom assistant or manager, buyer for décor chains, furniture shops, designer items, architectural or interior drafting.


Design Theory, Interior Design in Practice, Building Science Theory, Technical Documentation and Specification, Intro to Design Communication, Introduction to Graphic Presentation and Fundamentals of Business Management.