1. Always drink at least 1.7 litres of water every day. Try not to have carbonated drinks.
  2. Never skip your breakfast, it is the most important meal of the day and incorporate at least 3 fruits during the day.
  3. Exercise, it stimulates your blood flow and enhances your brain function. By stimulating the blood flow, your skin will receive more nutrition and will add a natural glow to your face.
  4. Remove unwanted hair under the arms, bikini and legs by waxing at a professional salon. Shaving makes the hair hard and stimulates hair growth. Waxing leaves your hair softer and lighter and might even eventually retard the hair growth.
  5. Never squeeze a pimple. It will cause inflammation and makes it worse.
  6. To start a beauty regime, visit a professional salon to first receive a thorough skin analysis, before purchasing the wrong over the counter products.
  7. Start by using 5 basic products: a cleanser, toner, moisturizer scrub and a mask. You can start using eye gel when your 25, it is not necessary at this stage of your life.
  8. Always purchase a good quality foundation for it is the most important part of the whole make-up application. You need to use less of a good foundation to get coverage and it will therefore lasts longer witch in the end saves money.
  9. Never go to bed without washing of old make-up. It clogs your pores and will cause comedones. At night your skin rests and breathes and needs to be cleaned to be able to do so.
  10. Never go without your sunscreen. Sun damage only surface when your in your late thirties, then the damage is already done. Also reapply during the day, as you will sweat it off.

Adrie Smal

Head of department: Cosmetology and Somatology

Potchefstroom Academy