The art of beauty therapy

The image of beauty therapists brings back memories of young girls, who were not intelligent, chatting about their love lives, while painting your nails or waxing your legs.

The first thing our students say, when starting our course: “It’s not just about make-up and nails”.

As a lecturer, I am proud to be part of an industry that is currently one of the “faster than average” growing survive sectors in the world.

After finishing my studies 20 years ago at the Pretoria University of Technology, I have been employed in different sectors within the beauty industry. There is such an unlimited potential, it can open a door for every different therapist. To say that this profession went unnoticed, is an understatement. Considering that during our course, our students would have extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, nutrition, business knowledge, somatology science and practical therapies.

During my research as a student, which was required as part of my intensive CIDESCO training, sourcing both beauty and medical books, I started to understand how therapy could create changes in the skin, as well as the incredible power of the human touch. A light of awareness went of inside my head. The amount of knowledge, at a Somatologists fingertips is amazing. We could do so much more than the basic manicure, pedicure, waxing, body massage and facials. We could create changes in a person wellbeing that could be maintained by the clients as well as the therapist. There are so many areas that could be explored.

What we offer at Potchefstroom Academy is an exciting way of treating clients. We work with the most healing tools in the world – our hands. And this is my pride. Healing what we give from our hands, which no machine can never replace.

As a lecturer, it is my mission researching for more knowledge and understanding of how therapy could create changes to the skin and well-being. Not to only look good, but to feel good too. Thus, my philosophy – ‘Beauty on the outside… begins on the inside’.

By giving class which incorporate my philosophy, that beauty isn’t just skin deep, I have further been able to pass on an important message to my students. With this knowledge, our students are respected for a highly valuable service, because they are working on a level that is supported by knowledge of skincare. Furthermore, they have the appropriate tools to help their clients.

It is my aim, my passion, my life mission to share my absolute passion for skincare, and plant seeds of wisdom into my students.