What you did not know about a scalp massage

What you did not know about a scalp massage

Did you know that your head, neck, and shoulders are important energy centers in your body?

If you think about a scalp massage you think about relaxation, but did you know that a basic scalp massage has a lot of benefits like:

Relieving stress, reducing tension, eases a migraine or headache, can help to lower blood pressure, will improve circulation to your head and neck and importantly for all woman promote hair growth.

Massaging of the scalp does not only stimulate the blood flow to the follicles it increases the flow of nutrients essential needed for healthy hair growth.  And the he most common cause of poor blood supply is muscle tension due stress in our daily lives.

Relieving such tension, the head massage can improve the condition of the hair and would also provide a valuable treatment that stress related problems cause such as headaches and eye tension. Massaging the neck and shoulders where stress is affecting the major muscle groups, should have an immediate relieving effect. That will relieve the tension, fiber knots and the lumps will disappear.

Your hair is made up of protein or keratin.

They consist of a softer, more pliable inside called the cortex, and a harder, stronger outside you call the cuticle. Most generic (supermarket) shampoos are not strong enough to properly penetrate the cuticle and clean the inside of the hair.  If you think about washing windows, you will open the window to properly clean them on both sides.  A Professional shampoo opens your hairs cuticle to clean deep inside, but generis (supermarket) shampoos will only coat the cuticle and create build-up on the hair. But some of those shampoos can be too harsh on the hair.   Most store brand shampoos are made with more water and sulphates (salt) and harmful ingredients and you will use more product.   The build-up they cause is usually waxy and heavy on your hair. For women who colour their hair these shampoos will turn shiny, healthy hair into dull, weighed down hair.

After shampooing your hair, you will close your cuticles, and this is the function of conditioner.  And then one’s a week you can apply treatment that penetrates your hairs cortex. and then after you have rinsed the treatment out you can apply the conditioner to close your cuticles.

Your hair has 3 growth stages:

  • anagen which is the growth stage of hair
  • the second phase Catagen which is the resting phase of hair
  • and lastly the telogen stage which is the shedding phase.

An average person loses up to 100 hairs a day depending on the stage it’s in.

A shock to your system for example a surgery or giving birth, some of your medications, a crash diet, even severe stress, thyroid problems can cause your hair to go into its resting, or telogen stage. And then after that you may see your hair falling out and thinning this is a condition, we call telogen effluvium, sometimes also described as hair “my hair is falling out in a hand full”.   But not to be concerned in most cases new hair starts to grow immediately.